5 Tips for Traveling With Your Pet Over the Holidays

You open up Instagram or that travel brochure that someone left on your desk and the first thing you see is a picture of your favourite celebrity and their four legged companion playing frisbee on the beach while you are freezing at home. Oh, how you wish you could be like them and get away somewhere warm over the holidays  but it’s harder than it looks to travel with your pet in tow. However, if you know how to do it properly, taking a trip with your furry friend is a breeze! Here are 5 tips to get you started planning your dream vacation.

#1. Do Your Research

While we’re sure you’d love to whisk you and Fido to some far off vacation, be realistic of where you should go. Traveling with a pet isn’t easy and requires some planning. Flying with your pets is allowed on most airlines, but there are different rules and regulations for each company, so be sure to check their rules to make sure they can accommodate your pet's special needs. It’s best to always check with the airline and research their history of flying with animals before you book a seat.

Sometimes, the best trips with pets are road trips because you can provide them with necessary bathroom breaks and adjust travel times depending on how your pet is doing. This is best done if your destination is not so far away. But even if you do plan a trip somewhere you need to fly, try not to book it over the busiest time, such as Christmas, when many people are traveling. Finally, it’s very important to research pet-friendly hotels in the city you’re traveling to a reasonable amount of time beforehand, so that you can be sure to get the accommodations you need for both you and your pet.


#2. Start Small

Not sure how your dog or cat will do on such a long car ride? Take them for a shorter drive to see if they’ll be up for a longer one. Try driving around your area or taking them on some smaller trips first to see how they will react to being in a cramped car for long periods of time. Perhaps start at 10 minutes to the store, then an hour to that nice pet restaurant, then to to visit your parents. However, no matter where you travel to, always consult with your veterinarian before you go, especially if your cat or dog hasn’t traveled before of if they have any health concerns.


#3. Bring The Essentials

Just as you need to pack your own things for your trip, you’ll have to do the same for your cat or dog. Items like food, treats, toys, their bed and other comforts of home are essential and can make it easier to travel as they will feel at ease wherever they are. If you have a small bed that can fit in the backseat, put it on the floor of the car  as a safe space during the ride. You should also bring along a first aid kit for pets that includes a copy of their medical records, and pack some bandages and the like to have just in case anything happens. Don’t forget their leash and a pet crate/carrier if necessary.


#4. Identification Tags

Never leave home without your pet’s identification tags and vaccines. Pets often get lost in a new environment, so make sure that they have tags with their name and your phone number on them. Even better, take them to a vet to have them microchipped so that if the tags are lost, they can still be traced back to you. Just in case you are separated, they’ll be able to find their way home if they have identification.


#5. Try Our Specialized Calming Remedy

Pets can get stressed out in unfamiliar places. You want to keep them calm and stress free by surrounding them with familiar things and also using natural calming remedies to make the trip easier. For this, we recommend Pets-At-Ease. Made with all-natural, homeopathic ingredients, our Pets-At-Ease Calming and Stress Relief Remedy is a great pet medicine for helping relieve car sickness and anxiety during long car rides. Stress and anxiety can upset your pet's stomach and fear makes them act up and misbehave. Pets-At-Ease calms the tummy, helps with nausea and motion sickness, and takes those troubles away giving you a worry-free, enjoyable trip.

With these tips in mind, you and your pet are well on your way to getting out of the cold and travelling somewhere warm for the holidays. Wherever you travel, remember: be safe, have fun, and enjoy your stay!