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A 100% natural Flower Remedy that helps keep your dog and cat calm and composed during stressful situations such as being left home alone, kenneling, grooming, traveling or during thunder... more


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A 100% natural Flower Remedy that helps keep your dog and cat calm and composed during stressful situations such as being left home alone, kenneling, grooming, traveling or during thunder storms or fireworks.

Hate leaving your pet home alone only to come back to chaos?
Separation anxiety symptoms such as involuntary urination, barking & destruction are common responses of anxious pets that can be retrained when pets are kept calm using Pets-At-Ease.

Key Benefits:

  • Unlike other anti-stress supplements our Pets-At-Ease Calming Aid is 100% natural and non-addictive
  • A powerful blend of original Dr. Bach five rescue flower essences suitable for large, small or even sensitive dogs and cats:
    • Cherry plum - stops aggression
    • Star of Bethlehem - relieves stress and fear from shock or trauma
    • Clematis - improves attention and focus
    • Impatients - helps with separation anxiety
    • Rock Rose - relieves panic, reduces fear of Thunder
  • Great for kenneling or as an add-on to a Thunder Shirt
  • Relieves nausea, car sickness and other behavior issues when traveling
  • Can be used every day and has no odor, no chemicals, no alcohol, and no bad taste.
  • Easy for your pet to take: just mix these tiny pills with your pet’s food or water. Dissolve in water and leave in the water bowl for continuous dosing throughout the day. No mess, no fuss.


 Lactose based tablets infused with Dr. Bach’s original 5 flower essence rescue remedy formula:

  • Helianthemum nummularium (Rock Rose) - promotes calmness & relaxation
  • Clematis vitalba - improves focus
  • Impatiens glandulifera - addresses irritation and impatience
  • Prunus cerasifera (Cherry Plum) - assists with self control
  • Ornithogalum umbellatum (Star-of-Bethlehem) - helps with shock or trauma


  Pets-At-Ease is the composition of well established Flower Remedies following Dr. Bach’s original mixture, which possesses calming and anti-anxiety properties. Helps to reduce stress, fear and anxiety in pets. Relieves symptoms of separation anxiety, car sickness, and reactions to thunder, fireworks and other loud noises. May also reduce aggression and excessive barking resulting from overstimulation. Non habit forming with no side-effects.


Administer 30 minutes prior to stressful event (if possible), or when event occurs. Dosage can be repeated every 20 minutes, up to 4 times a day, or as prescribed by a Homeopathic veterinarian. Mix pellets in with cat or dog food, or crush them between two spoons and mix with food or water.

This is a Homeopathic product that is safe to use on pets. Can be taken with any other medication.

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect for Anxiety

We just got back from vacation and I picked up my little Toy Poodle at the pet sitter. Whoa! She reported he was so much calmer while we're gone this time. He's finicky with medicine, but the pallets are very small and easy to crush into his food. It just gave us the peace of mind we needed to enjoy our time away. Thank you!

Seems to be working

I would have given it 5 stars but it is not as soluble as mentioned. I do grind the pills and add it to the soft food undetected.

Can't review

I can't review this product, my let passed away before I could use it.


Works but my cats do not like swallowing

Not user-friendly for daily use; more for specific events

While it does seem to help my dog (who has more issues with separation anxiety than anxiety due to fireworks, etc), it does need to be reapplied often. So, if it something you want to use for just specific times (fireworks, etc) then this product should work well for you.

Built on the foundation that just as we strive to put natural “GOOD FOR YOU” ingredients in our own bodies to stay healthy, we owe our four legged companions the same.  That is why our remedies are all natural and contain no harmful ingredients or additives.

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