About Us

Hi, my name is Viktoria and I had always wanted a dog.

When my family and I went looking for a dog we weren't looking for Tango specifically, but the beautiful Border Collie/Shepherd/Husky mix with one bent ear had other ideas when he decided to pick us as his pet parents. 

It was truly love at first sight, and so Tango became a wonderful furry addition to our small and happy family.

But it wasn't until he fell ill and I had a hard time finding medicine that did not have lots of bad side-effects or tons of artificial ingredients that the idea for launching Petsability and the BestLife4Pets brand was born.



My interest in natural treatments and home remedies started when my daughter was born premature with serious health issues. Hating the side-effects caused by traditional medications, I devoted myself to learning all I could about natural and homeopathic treatments that wouldn't be as harmful to my family as regular medicine.

Having experienced the benefits of these treatments on my family, I looked for similar natural remedies for my dog. Not finding anything readily available, I searched out the best homeopathic remedies and adapted them for pets!

My goal with Petsability is to offer high quality natural products that improve the lives of pets every day.

Our Goal

Our company's goal is to helps as many dogs and cats as possible be active, healthy, and feel their very best the natural way. 

Built on the foundation that just as more and more people strive to use natural products and put “GOOD FOR YOU” ingredients into their own bodies to stay healthy, we owe it to our pets to do the same. That is why our remedies are all natural and contain no harmful ingredients or additives.

From our house to yours, we wish you and your pet a long and healthy life.

Because pets deserve the Best!